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Thursday, 30 June 2011

30 Days Wardrobe Challenge....

Today is the last day of 30 Days Wardrobe Challenge with Dressing My Truth.

 The challenge was you can pick 15 items of dresses/shirts to wear for 30 days! Here is what clothes I picked:

8 of my favourite dresses. 7 of my favourite skirts.

I found I did not wear all my 15 items and repeated some of then a few times. 

My favourite items of clothing got repeated! 

I think these three items were to posh for school runs/parks and cleaning but I wore them anyway.

I love this dress above. How sweet is this dress?

Where's Wally?

Here is a few other items I wore:

It has been a mad/good/sad/busy month and I found out one thing:

I Can Not Live Without My Jeans!!

I have missed them so much this month. Also I' have missed my jogger's for housework and lounging around.

This is my 3rd month clothing challenge this year and I do not think I could do another one without my jeans????

Who knows what clothing challenge might come up next also I'm thinking of joining Dressing My Truth in the Autumn for some kind of challenge anyone fancy a clothing challenge?any ideas?

What clothes would you miss?

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